My first job where I could be myself: Vino

“PeriFerry mattrum kulumathirku vanakkam. Nan Vino, Thiruppur mavatam aruge vasikkiren. Nan oru intersex(idayalingam). Nan yaarendra adayalam theriyaamale samukathin saadaluku bayanthu migavum mana aluthathode vaazhndhuvanthen. Yerkanave nan velai seitha idangalil ellam etho oru vetru inathavar polave paavithanar. Athanal angirunthu vilaki mana aluthathode veetil irunthen. Miguntha mana alutham PeriFerry patri therinthu athan moolam enathu pratchanaigalai pagirnthen. Kuluvil […]

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Others. A word that separates like a fence; that splits and cuts, that humiliates; forces a wedge. They don’t occur, they don’t matter. We think, in our heads of terms like ‘Neither’. The Third. The In-between. The out of context. Words, spaces, laws that separate ‘us’ from ‘them’ And ‘them’ from everything we believe ourselves […]

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“My name is Ajitha and I am a trans-woman . It’s been about three months now since I left home. I have completed Engineering (EEE). After graduating, I tried to find employment in various places but couldn’t find anything that was comfortable for me. Later, a friend told me about a website called “PeriFerry” and […]

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