Is PeriFerry an NGO or a not-for-profit organisation?

Neither. PeriFerry is a social entrepreneurial initiative (which means that we do have a revenue model in place)

Does that mean you charge clients/Trans people who sign up with you?

No, our services are currently free for all trans people who want to find employment through us. We, however, charge companies for using our services to recruit employees.

Why do you have a revenue model?

We believe in setting our sights on a long-term, sustaining model so that we can make as great an impact as possible when it comes to finding employment opportunities for transgenders. Our revenues would thus go into efforts for the same – be it training potential employees, sensitizing workplaces or even to market our initiatives better.  

Your sensitization workshops sound interesting although we currently don’t have any hiring needs. Can we still have such workshops conducted in our office?

Of course! We would be happy to conduct such sensitization workshops about diversity and inclusion as part of your CSR activities or otherwise for a nominal fee.

Can you tell us more about your sensitization workshops and what they entail?

The main focus of our workshops is to ensure that the employees of a workplace get to know and understand transgender people as well as their struggles or issues better. We customize these workshops and do our best to ensure they go beyond the definition of a normal (read boring) workshop. In order to connect with our audiences better, we employ theatrical elements and bring in artists as well. Workshops will be tweaked or customized according to the target audience as well, be it employees, managers or top-level leaders.

As an HR of a company, how can I be assured that my hiring needs will be professionally and adequately met by PeriFerry?

To start with, our team has thorough discussions with you initially to understand your hiring needs. We then try to match them to the skillsets of our already existing candidates apart from sharing resumes with you. Furthermore, we try our best to ensure that our candidates are adequately trained for the corporate world before turning them over to you.

I am a trans person and would love to get on board with you guys! But I am concerned about sharing personal details with you. What do I do?

Don’t worry! We take privacy and confidentiality very seriously and the team strives to ensure that we keep your details confidential and only reveal to the companies whatever is required for hiring you.

The team also understands that coming out is a personal journey (which can sometimes be a long and painful process). Hence, we encourage you to take your time with it and in such cases, we only let the HR/Leadership team and the people who will closely work with you in the company informed about it.